USPSA Single Stack Nationals/
1911 Society Single Stack Classic
2012 MATCH RESULTS:Click Here

Dates: May 9-11th , 2013 (Staff Shoot May 8th)
Location: Barry, IL
Host: PASA Park
Capacity: 300

Match Director: Richard Heinie
On Site Registration & Scoring: Bill Davis
Competitor Entries & Squadding Kathy Lumley
Range Master:Jay Worden
Range Master 2: John Amidon
Additional Details:
Area Information: Quincy Visitor's Bureau
Match Fee: $200
Application: Single Stack Nationals Entry Form

USPSA 2013 Revolver Nationals

Dates: May 12th , 2013
Location: Barry, IL
Host: PASA Park
Match Capacity: 120

Match Director: Richard Heinie
On Site Registration & Scoring: Bill Davis
Competitor Entries & Squadding Kathy Lumley
Range Master:Jay Worden
Range Master 2: John Amidon
Additional Details:
Area Information: Quincy Visitor's Bureau
Match Fee: $200
Application: Revolver Nationals Entry Form

2013 DPMS Multi-Gun Nationals
2012 RESULTS: Click Here

Divisions Recognized: Open, Limited, Tactical, Heavy Metal Limited, Heavy Metal Tactical
Dates: April 24-28, 2013 (Staff Shoot April 24th)
Location: Desert Sportsmen, Las Vegas, Nevada
Range Address:12201 West Charleston Blvd. Las Vegas, Nevada
Match Capacity: 250

Match Director: Carl Schmidt
Range Master: Jay Worden
Match Fee: $225 until 3/19, then $300
Application: Download file [PDF]

STI Back-to-Back Handgun Nationals
L imited
Dates:Sept 23rd - 25th, 2013

Divisions:Open, Limited 10
Dates:Sept 27th - 29th, 2013

Match Director: Ken Nelson
Asst. MD: Phil Strader

RM1:Troy McManus
Rm2: John Amidon

Liability Waiver:Click Here To Download The Waiver

Location: Southern UT Shooting Sports Park
Capacity: 400
Match Fee: $270 for earned slots, $295 for wait list slots

2013 Productions Nationals

Divisions Recognized: Production
Dates: October 16th - 19th
Location: Tulsa, OK
Range Host: USSA
Match Capacity: 400

Match Director: Phil Strader
Asst. Match Director: David Hyden
Range Master: Troy McManus
Range Master 2: John Amidon
Match Fee: To Be Determined
Application: By Invitation only, wait list opens June 3rd.

3 Gun Stages Available

The stages for the 3Gun Nationals are now available for viewing. Document is pdf. Please remember that stages are subject to change during setup for safety and range layout reasons.

3Gun Nationals Stages

| September 07, 2005 |Posted to Multi-Gun

2013 Nationals Staff Applications
We are now accepting applications for the 2013 Nationals volunteer staff. Click here to apply

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Info For Jr. National Competitors
Please read the Jr Cover Letter
Forms: [pdf]
  • Consent For Possession
  • Appointment of Temporary Guardian

  • Travel With Firearms

    Information for Foreigners
    BATF Official Site
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    Slot Policy
    *Updated* Please Read
    USPSA adheres to a strict policy for distribution of slots to its national championships. This policy is reviewed and voted on by the board of directors before implementation. To download and view a copy of the policy, click Here [pdf]

    Entry Guidelines
    Lucky enough to get a slot? Signing up for the Multi-Gun? Here are some things you can do to help make registration go a little more smoothly:

  • Be sure to note the return deadline on your slot and get in before then. If you don't, it will be voided and reissued to someone on the waiting list. After that point we absolutely cannot get it back for you and you'll need to sign up on the wait list yourself and hope for the best. So be SURE to check that date and return it in a timely fashion.

  • Slots are numbered and tracked. Shooter Joe is issued slot number 001 and if it comes back filled out by Shooter Bob, this is going to throw up a big red flag in our system. Earned slots cannot be transferred or traded, under any circumstances. If it turns out you're unable to attend, please send the slot back with a note saying you can't make it and we'll reissue to someone on the waiting list, but you can't just give it to your buddy who would really like to go in your place.

  • Because the slots are numbered and assigned to individuals, it's important that families with multiple slot winners take care not to mix up their slots. We send them out in separate envelopes for this purpose. It causes a lot of confusion around here when Mrs. Shooter sends in the slot we assigned to Mr. Shooter and vice versa.

  • Write clearly and legibly on your entry form/slot. Messy writing can lead to you being signed up in the wrong division, class or category. We also mail you various correspondence such as confirmation packets, match updates, etc once we receive your slot, so it's important we get your address right.

  • Be sure to fill in all fields. If you're not sure of something, such as class or what division you belong in, give us a call and we'll help you out. Don't forget to include your current and correct member number, your complete mailing address, a good way to contact you via phone or email, etc. All this information is important to the registration process.

  • If you are making a squad request, please be sure to include both first and last names of those you wish to be squadded with. Correct spelling helps a lot, too. If we can't figure out who you're talking about, you may not end up squadded where you want to be.

  • Double check your payment. Did you include payment with the entry form? Did you send in the correct amount? Is your check signed?

    All of these things will help ensure that you'll get the most out of your Nationals experience.

    Thanks for your cooperation and participation!